I’ve never really done this blogging thing or anything like it. I imagine it usually starts off with some kind of bio about myself. That way you at least have some inkling of an idea that I’m not completely wasting your time. If you’re here though, then you probably have a little bit of time to kill anyways and I don’t entirely feel too bad about you reading my work. Besides, I’m sure it’s just as painful for you as it is for me writing this.

As you have probably figured out, my name is Davin Foster, pronounced Day-vin. I’m studying in sunny California for a marketing degree at Cal Poly with a minor in psychology. I started this blog simply because I enjoy writing. I thought it would be a good way to share my discoveries and experiences while at the same time giving back.

The focus of this blog is still tentative, but I would like it to revolve around my undergraduate studies and, more recently, some research I’ve done on inducing creativity. More importantly though, I would like this blog’s focus to be about bettering oneself. If you like marketing, or psychology, or being creative, or bettering yourself, or even if you just have some time to kill, I implore you to take a look and see what this blog has to offer for you.