Series 1: Creativity

How can you become more creative? If you think you can’t, I’m here to say you can. If you want to learn how, I’m here to teach you how. If you already know how, well then I’m here to reinforce your knowledge and maybe teach you a thing or two you didn’t already know.

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting regularly on the topic of creativity. I will cover everything from putting yourself into a creative mindset, to utilizing creativity inducing colors, to effectively conducting a group brainstorming session. This page is meant to be a reference for you to easily find all the topics I will be posting about, in order. As I release new posts, I will update this page to link to the correct posts. You may also find the posts in the top menu bar under “Series 1: Creativity.”

Week 1 – Defining Creativity, a Simple Exercise

Week 2 – Creative Truths

Week 3 – The Art of Feeling Good

Week 4 – Improvisation!

Week 5 – The Creativity of Color

Week 6 – Play is for Kids

Week 7 – Group Creativity Optimization (GCO)

Week 8 – One Last Word… or Two